Wait…What Happened to Style Glint?

Hello everyone!

I’m pretty sure every single one of you is confused because of this new blog. I’ve been thinking about changing my blog niche, blog name and all. On a Saturday morning, while I was drinking my morning coffee, I thought that I should take action and create a brand new website. I wasn’t happy about my blog and I was demotivated that’s why I haven’t been active for 1.5 months. You know that I love writing blog posts and designing my website. This blog is going to be way different than Style Glint, which I started in 2017. Style Glint improved my blogging skills, helped me to engage with other bloggers but I need to step up my blogging game so I opened this blog.

I’ll write posts everything lifestyle related, fashion, productivity and more! I also want to document my living abroad journey as I study in Manchester as an undergraduate.

If you have any ideas for blog posts or thoughts about my new blog, feel free to reach me from my social media accounts.

Instagram: @sima.aykin Pinterest: @simaaykin Twitter: @sima_ayk E-mail: sima@simasblog.com

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