48 Hours in Cappadocia

Hello everyone!

If you’re following my Instagram account, you know that I was in Cappadocia last weekend with my family. We spent 2 days in Cappadocia and it was beyond amazing. I also had a chance to meet with a friend of mine, who I met with in a summer school in the UK. Surprisingly, the weather was way too cold for April. It was 2-5 Celcius degrees when we were in Cappadocia. It even snowed but I think it was a lovely experience. In this blog post I’ll share what we did during our trip and give some tips if you’re considering to go to Cappadocia one day.Cappadocia, pronounced Kappa-Dokia, is a region in central Turkey famous for its unique moon-like landscape filled with houses carved in caves, underground cities, and cave churches. This region has become hugely popular in the last few years as it brings in 3 million people a year and is Turkey’s third most visited destination.

Saturday, April 20 – Day 1

As a family, we preferred traveling to Cappadocia by car. Traveling with an airplane increases the portion of our carbon footprint.

Sustainability Tip: If you’re flying, you’re adding a significant amount of planet-warming gases to the atmosphere. If you want to learn more about this topic, check out this article from The New York Times: Flying Is Bad for the Planet. You Can Help Make It Better.

The road trip lasted 6.5 hours. We arrived to Cappadocia at noon and decided to take a tour around our hotel. We stayed at Sacred House which is located in Urgup. Sacred House is a 250 years old, Greek mansion, where medieval art & contemporary luxury meet to provide that certain old-world touch. Here are the photos of the hotel:

We went to Goreme Open Air Museum to see the fairy chimneys. It was registered to the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1985. It contains the finest of the rock-cut churches, with beautiful frescoes (wall paintings) whose colors still retain all their original freshness. Most of the churches in Goreme Open Air Museum belong to the 10th, 11th and 12th centuries.
We visited Symmetrical Church (tr. Aynalı Kilise), called so because of its geometric ornamentations, mirrored on the opposite walls. Exploration of the interior and the adjacent monastery complex is a great adventure for all travellers who are not afraid of the dark and narrow, steep passages.

Sunday, April 21 – Day 2

We started our day with a lovely breakfast at our hotel. Everything was delicious and we couldn’t ask for more! The staff was lovely and we really enjoyed our time at our hotel. I’ll definitely recommend Sacred House to anyone who is considering to go to Cappadocia.

Snowy Cappadocia… On the road to Kaymakli underground city

There are 36 underground cities in Cappadocia and the widest one is Kaymakli underground city, while the deepest is the Derinkuyu Underground City. The number of storage rooms in such a small area supports the idea that a great number of people resided here.My lovely friend Zeynep’s family has a 3 generation family profession, which is winemaking. They are the owners of Turasan Wine Factory, one of the oldest wine factories in Turkey. Zeynep and her family invited us to visit their winery and they arranged a wine tasting. It was such an awesome experience to visit their wine cellar and we learned lots of things about winemaking.

That’s all for today’s blog post. I definitely recommend you to visit Cappadocia if you haven’t already. It’s a magnificent place and there are lots of activities you can do there such as hot balloon tours, hiking, etc. If you have any blog post suggestions, let me know by leaving a comment down below! Or you can reach me from my social media accounts. Until next time!

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