My Thoughts on Social Media

Hello everyone!

As you might already know, I’m done with high school which means that I have A LOT of time. I’m currently in my room, thinking of the content I want to create for my blog. I’ve never felt more relaxed and motivated before. I guess it’s because I have nothing to do until September (I’ll move to Manchester for university) Obviously I’ll have a visa application process etc. but my goal is to spend a lovely summer with my friends and family in Istanbul before I leave for uni. Today’s blog post will be about my thoughts on social media and its effect on our mental health and relationships.

I believe social media’s impact on our daily lives rose a lot in these past years. Although, some people started to raise awareness to mental health on social media and share “reality” posts on their feed; there is a lot of people who compare themselves with others which isn’t okay.

I’m a 17 year old girl who is actively using social media for almost 6 years now. I started using Facebook and Twitter when I was 11. Years passed by and now I have 5 social media accounts and a blog. I believe that having a social media account became a must for a lot of us. Although I love social media because I can follow some inspirational people and bloggers, most of the time I feel lonely and excluded. 2 weeks ago, I deleted all of my social media apps on my phone. My screen time decreased from 5-6 hours a day to 1-2 hours, which is insane! I realised that neither do I nor anyone from my social media accounts need my posts or stories. I don’t like that everyone tries their bests to show their “perfect” life, which doesn’t exist. Let’s be honest… No one has that beautiful, productive and healthy life. I almost trust anyone in the internet because a lot of people just focus on showing their ideal life on their feed.

Photo by ROBIN WORRALL on Unsplash

Let’s talk about the negative impact of social media on our lives. Many people compare themselves to other people and feel worthless, which isn’t okay. Everyone should love themselves and spread love to others. I believe that focusing on social media all the time isn’t good for our mental health. Instead of scrolling through on our IG feed, we have a lot of things to do such as spending time for our hobbies, doing exercise, having fun with our loved ones… Unfortunately, I know a lot of people who focus on likes and comments they get on social media. Some of them decide their worth by these numbers which is so wrong! We should be aware that no one has a right to define our worth. Please love yourself and if you think that social media is toxic for you and your mental health, take some time off from it. You aren’t gonna lose anything, believe me. Instead, you’ll learn to spend time by yourself and with your family and friends.

Photo by dole777 on Unsplash

I think my favourite social media application is YouTube. I can decide what to watch and follow inspirational vloggers. I believe YouTube helps us to develop ourselves because there are lots of informative channels. I think we became addicted to these social media apps which decrease our productivity in our daily lives. I realised that instead of spending my time on Instagram, I can write 2 blog posts. I hope everyone will realise that social media won’t save our life. We should get into action and do something for ourselves.

I wish Y’all a lovely weekend with lots of laughs, energy, and love. Take some time off from social media this weekend. You’re gonna enjoy it for sure because you’ll realise that you’ll live in the moment as soon as you stop thinking about posting photos and stories on social media. If you have any questions or suggestions for my blog, you can contact me from my social media accounts or send me an email!

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