Done with High School… Now What?

Hello everyone!

I can’t believe that I’ve graduated from high school as a salutatorian. The graduation ceremony and my speech went very well. I’m so glad that I’m done with high school, which means I don’t have any academic concerns till September. As you might already know, I’ll move to Manchester/UK to study Sociology. Until then, my plan is to spend summer with my friends and family. On today’s post I’ll share my tips and plans for summer 2019.


I’ve created a list of the places I want to visit during the summer holiday. Most probably I’ll spend the next 3 months in Istanbul, my hometown. I’m definitely not complaining about that because I’m pretty sure I’ll miss my city a lot when I start living abroad. I want to try out new street foods and discover restaurants. I’ll not only go to places in the Asian and European side of Istanbul but also Princes’ Islands. There are a lot of museums, restaurants, parks in Istanbul and I can’t wait to discover more with my friends. My goal is to get back on my workout routine and exercise regularly. I love doing yoga, pilates and strength workouts. Although I don’t weigh myself, I’m planning to lose some weight by the end of summer, before I go to university.I planned out a reading challenge for myself. My goal is to finish 9 books this summer. I’m currently reading the 3rd one. I enjoy reading books and learning new stuff.I joined an online course: Classical Sociological Theory by University of Amsterdam. I’m so motivated and excited to learn more about base of sociology, which will benefit me later in the future.I’ve been missing for a month and I don’t feel good about that but everything was so hectic because of my graduation ceremony, prom, etc. I’m glad to be back and create awesome content for my blog.

Stay tuned!

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