Online Course & Getting Ready for Uni | Life Update #1


I can’t believe it’s been two months since I uploaded a blog post to my website. I wish I could be more consistent with my blog but sometimes I don’t feel motivated enough to create content. Anyways, I hope everyone is having an amazing summer holiday so far!


As you might already know, I’ve been taking an 8-week-long online course called “Classical Sociological Theory” since I’m gonna study Sociology at university. There is only one week left until I finish this course and get my certificate. I’m so glad that I’ve made this choice and take an online course via Coursera. If you are interested, I can write a blog post about Coursera and my thoughts for taking an online class.


Other than that, I’ve started to decide which clothes and shoes I’m gonna bring with me to Manchester. I’m an organised person but unfortunately, I don’t like packing, not at all! Since I’m gonna be moving to another country, I have to bring A LOT of stuff with me. I’ll probably get sick of packing and end up buying loads of stuff when I’m in Manchester.

Photo by Sarah Brown on Unsplash

I want to bring my favourite books with me so let’s hope I’ll find enough space in my suitcase for them. I also need the do some errands before I leave and I’ve got only 3 weeks left. UGH! Too many emotions and I overthink for sure… Anyways, let’s talk about some positive stuff. I’ve met a lot of people before I even go to university which is amazing! I cannot wait to see them in person because they are so nice. Not gonna lie, I don’t have any concerns about making friends and socialising but I’m thinking way too much about academics. I’m an ambitious person when it comes to studying and that’s why I feel a bit nervous. Let’s hope I’ll manage to understand my course and enjoy the modules I’m gonna take on my first year.If anyone wants to start a new series on Netflix, I’m gonna suggest “Elite” to those haven’t started yet. My best friends were always talking about it and mentioning how handsome Guzman is… Finally, I gave “Elite” a chance and not gonna lie, I’m obsessed! I also watch “Sex and the City“. It’s a classic, I mean if you didn’t watch it already, you’re missing out!

That’s all for today’s blog post and I hope you enjoyed it! From now on I’ll probably write more life update posts since there is gonna be a lot of new things in my life. Can’t wait to share more with y’all!

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