18 Things I’ve Learned in 18 Years

Hello there!

It’s been a month since I published a blog post and I must admit that it’s the first time I don’t feel bad because I was inconsistent with my upload schedule. September was a long, hectic month but I’ve managed to do everything I have to complete, so here I am!As you might already know, I’ve moved to Manchester to study Sociology as an undergraduate. My second week at university ended and I’ve settled into my new home. Everything is going well at the moment. I REALLY enjoy my modules and attending lectures/tutorials makes me even more curious and motivated for my course. As I turned 18 on August 10, I wanted to write a blog post about things I’ve learned in 18 years of my life. I hope you’ll enjoy reading today’s post.

1. Appreciate everything

If you know me in real life, you’re probably not surprised to see this title. Especially since the beginning of this year, I’ve applied to be grateful and appreciative of my life which led me to feel way better on a daily life basis and I’ve realised that I don’t get stressed like I used to. A lot of people don’t appreciate things they have or maybe they have lost… sometimes we’ve to let things go in order to receive better things in life. Just wait, be grateful and something beautiful will happen.

Photo by Anthony Tran on Unsplash

2. Don’t give up

Failing is totally okay, it makes you even stronger. Embrace your mistakes and think positive about what’s upcoming. I always learn from my mistakes and try not to repeat them in the future. There will be times where we feel so stressed and like we cannot do anything properly, in this case, remember this: YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Everyone else experiences the same situation, thus focus on your goals and try your best. No one is perfect, so all you have to do is trust yourself and do the best you can.

3. There is always enough time

Personally, I’ve always found it hard to manage my time wisely but after I started high school, I’ve learned to make time for things I have to do. My advice is: make time for it. Instead of checking social media apps every 5 minutes, put your phone down and focus on your work you need to accomplish or maybe a hobby that will benefit your mental health in the long run.

4. Find your passion

Probably one of the best tips I can give to anyone is find what you love doing and be passionate about it! Not everyone can be successful in academic and you definitely don’t have to! What really counts is that doing something you love. For example, I love writing for my blog alongside my studies because I can express myself and I love designing my own website. Follow your dreams and find something you really enjoy!

5. Believe in yourself

When I started high school, I became pretty insecure and I was definitely not eager to join activities at school. In my second year of high school, I took part in school newspaper and in third year I became the editor. I also joined the school radio and these societies helped me to build up my self-confidence. Last May, I graduated from high school as the second best student of my class and I gave a speech at the graduation ceremony. I was pretty nervous but I believed in myself and everyone said that I’ve gave a perfect speech. Please believe in yourself and I’m sure you’ll do great!

6. Seek all opportunities to try new things

Not gonna lie, I started seeking all opportunities this year. I guess I REALLY started to grow up and that’s why I’ve got a lot of changes in my life. It’s been only 2 weeks since university started and I’ve already took part in a bake sale for UNICEF on Campus. A few people asked me how I managed to do that… well, it’s pretty easy. Just send an email to societies/organisations you want to be a part of! All you have to do is research and then reach out to those people. I’ve also learned that you have to be open to any offers/opportunities you come across in your life. In order to experience new things and find out what you really enjoy doing, you have to be open-minded.

7. You are NOT in love with every person you have feelings for

That’s actually pretty embarrassing and funny at the same time but I need to write about this one. You feel chills, your stomach has butterflies, you dream about them, you don’t sleep at night just to text them… you are NOT in love! They always say that you’ll know when you’re in love and I believe that. Just wait for ‘that’ person and don’t rush things…

8. Be humble

Stay grounded, levelheaded, humble.  People will respect you more for it, and you will respect yourself more as well. I really don’t like to show off things I have or accomplishments I’ve done. Save some of your things to yourself instead of gloating about them all the time.

9. Treat yourself

Photo by Alisa Anton on Unsplash

Make yourself a brew (am I British enough Lauren? haha), read a book, go for a walk, watch your favourite movie/tv series, go shopping… treat yourself! All of us are so busy all the time sometimes we forget to wind down and relax… On weekdays I usually do meditation in mornings and evenings to feel grounded. On weekends I do whatever I want haha… I love watching YouTube videos, clean out my room and read a book.

10. Put down your phone

If you follow me on Instagram you might think that I look at my phone all the time… but that’s not true, not at all! I love taking photos of things I love and enjoy but after I capture the moment, I put my phone down. I love spending time with loved ones, that’s why I don’t check my phone when I’m out. Personally, I put my phone on ‘do not disturb’ mode because when I don’t receive any notifications I forgot that I have a phone which makes me way productive than I usually am.

11. Admitting you make mistakes will take you far in life

Sometimes we don’t like admitting we’ve made a mistake but if we embrace our mistakes we’ll go far in life. I’ve also realised that when I admit mistakes I’ve done, people became more understanding. 12. Kindness is so important

My mom always reminds me to be kind to everyone, no matter what. I always smile to strangers, help people when they ask me something and hold the door for someone. Your simple act of kindness can come such a long way and make a positive impact in this world.

13. Ask for help

Asking someone for help doesn’t make you weak! If you’re struggling with something, tell that to your family or friends. People who care about you would love to help you out and make you feel better. Especially when I struggle with something, I always reach out to my parents or my uncle and auntie to give me advices because I trust and respect their experiences.

14. Surround yourself with right people

Spend your time with people who makes you feel amazing, appreciated and loved. Don’t waste your time for people who affects your mood in a negative way. The people you spend your time with can either inspire you or absolutely drain you. Pick those people wisely.p.s: I LOVE EVERY SINGLE ONE THESE PEOPLE AND I’M SO GRATEFUL FOR ALL OF THEM! xoxo

15. Love yourself

It might sound a bit cheesy but that’s actually really important. A lot of us think that we love ourselves but at the same time we complain about ourselves as well… kinda ironic huh? Before loving anyone or anything else in the world, you must learn to love yourself first. Realise you are the only you there is and ever will be.

16. Stop caring about what people think of you

I stopped caring about what people think of me a while ago and I can assure you I’m way happier than I used to care what people thought. The thing is everyone is going to think something different, whether it is a negative or positive thought, and you’re the only one that can choose whether it affects you or not.

17. Your parents are always right

Some of you might not agree with this, but that’s 100% true. Your parents want best for you and they are older than you which means they have more experiences regarding relationships, finances, and life in general.

18. People change

Everyone changes in time, including you.

That’s all for today’s blog post. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading it and please comment down below things you’ve learned in years. I’m always open to new thoughts and advice. I wish Y’all a lovely weekend and see you soon!

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