Things I’m Grateful For ft. Fabia Ailina

Hello everyone!!

I hope you are all doing great and had a lovely weekend. Have you seen the new design of my website? Please let me know by commenting down below if you like it or not! I worked really hard for it, and honestly, I’m in love with the new design. ∼Anyways, today’s blog post is actually a collaboration with lovely Fabia, who is a fellow blogger from Germany! I absolutely adore her content! She writes mostly about her favourite books, real talks, blogging tips, and anything lifestyle related. Also, her Instagram feed is the definition of dark aesthetic❤

@fabiaailina on Instagram

I feel so close to Fabia because both of us have started blogging to improve our English! We love writing, and it is probably one of the most beneficial ways to improve our English.You can read her blog post from here. Thank you so much, Fabia for this lovely collaboration! ❤

I’m grateful for…

1. My Family

Sometimes I feel like we don’t appreciate our family members enough. Personally, I find it quite hard to express my feelings to the people I care and love, therefore I don’t usually tell them my feelings. That’s why they might think that I don’t care them, but honestly, I love and appreciate my family so much! I’m so grateful for my parents, my sister, my uncle, and auntie… Please let your family members aware that you care about them. Spend quality time with them, listen to their advice, and keep in touch with them.Appreciate what you have, before it turns into what you had.

2. My Health

Our health is the precious thing we have but we underestimate it so much. Let’s think about it that way: we go to different places; we eat delicious food; we watch our favourite movie; we read our favourite book… AND it’s all because our body is able to do these things! We’re so lucky to have a healthy body. I invite all of you to be grateful for your eyes, hands, legs, feet because without these we wouldn’t be able to do things we enjoy.

Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash

3. Education

I can tell that some of you already roll their eyes! Most of us aren’t aware of how lucky we’re to be able to get education and learn new things. Personally, I enjoy learning new stuff, not just things related to my degree… tell me something about astronomy or art history, I’ll be interested! No matter what, getting the education required for our future plans, whether it is for a career or something else, is really crucial.

4. Books

I mean, we all love watching Netflix but, reading books is definitely something else. I’m so grateful for the time of the day when I lay in my bed, reading a book while drinking my tea… Thanks to my uncle and auntie, I own a Kindle, and I find it really useful. It’s so easier to carry around (especially when commuting) and also the book prices are almost half the price than normal. I highly recommend to anyone who loves reading books and looking for a new alternative!

5. The Smell of Freshly Brewed Coffee

Seriously… Nothing makes me happier than the smell of my morning coffee. Here’s what I do every morning when I wake up:-Open the window to let fresh air in my room-Boil the water and brew coffee (I use Bodum 8 Cup Cafetiere, Pastel Blue)-Drink my lovely coffee while journaling

6. Nature

It doesn’t matter where I am, I always find somewhere to connect with nature. In my hometown, Istanbul, I live near the sea so my favourite thing to do is walk by the seaside. I also enjoy spending time with my friends near seaside, so lovely! Since I moved to Manchester, I’ve managed to find a park close to my accommodation and I decided to take a walk in the park, especially in the mornings. I’m so grateful to spend time in nature, watch and listen to its magical beauty.

Photo by Henry Be on Unsplash

7. My Friends

I’m so grateful for my friends, who are always there for me, showing their support no matter what. Although I’m away from my friends in Istanbul, I try to keep in touch and remind them how precious they are. I miss them a lot, and now I realise how important friendships are. I’ve made some good friends in Manchester already and I’m so grateful for all of them because I never feel lonely.

8. Blogging

I love being a blogger because I can express myself easily through writing. Being a part of a community is also amazing! I enjoy reading fellow bloggers’ posts and engage with them. I’m so grateful for all the positive things blogging has brought to my life.

9. Porridge

If you know me by now I’m sure you aren’t surprised. I’m obsessed with porridge and this obsession will never end haha! I’m so grateful for my hot, delicious porridge in the mornings. I think it’s really important to be happy with small things, rather than expecting something big to happen all the time.

10. Traveling

Traveling to different places is always a good idea! One of my long-term goals is to save enough money for traveling. I enjoy exploring new places, trying new foods and learning more about different cultures. I’m so grateful for being able to travel to the places I want to.

Here are some of my porridge bowls ☺
Thank you for reading my post, and I hope you enjoyed it! Don’t forget to give a read to Fabia’s blog post. She is awesome! I’m grateful for this collaboration❤ Until next time!

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