End of First Semester | Life Update #2

Hello everyone!

I can’t believe it’s been almost two months since I’ve written a blog post. *feeling guilty* & the last time I’ve published my first life update post, I was getting ready for university. WOW. Time flies by so fast! It was my dream to study at my university, and live in Manchester. Sometimes I still cannot believe my dreams came true and I live the life I dreamed of. It’s really important to be grateful for the things we have and the successes we’ve achieved. Please don’t underestimate your achievements in life or your loved ones. If you want to read more about being grateful, check out my latest blog post.

Now it’s time for my life update! As you might already know, I’m studying Sociology at university and I’m really enjoying it! The course content, my lecturers, everything is perfect and I couldn’t be happier. I’ve met amazing people and I’m so glad that there are people who are genuinely friendly and trustworthy. During September I’ve settled in and organised my ‘new’ life and not gonna lie, it was tough! But I managed to adjust to my new environment with the help of my parents. So thankful for my parents as they are always here for me whenever I need them!Here are some photos with my parents:I have no idea how, but time flew so fast maybe it’s because I genuinely enjoyed every single minute of the first semester!

Not only university itself, but also friendships I have make me so happy and grateful. In October, my sister Dila visited me all the way from London! I showed her my university campus and the city centre as well. We had so much fun and I’m so glad she visited me as it totally lifted my mood and made me feel really special.
I discovered a beautiful park, which is only 5 minutes walk distance from my home! Whenever I feel like walking outside, I always go there and enjoy spending time in nature. I also realised that autumn in Manchester is AMAZING. Everyone, including me, always complain about rainy Manchester but I believe there are a lot of amazing things about this city.

Now it’s time for talking about friendships!! I’ve met amazing people, who are so friendly, helpful, and modest. Not going to lie, I didn’t want to have Turkish friends because my aim is to improve my English while studying abroad, rather than speaking my native language. Though, I only have 1 Turkish friend, Emre, who is really friendly and amusing. Lauren, who is my friend from the FIRST day of university, is very lovely and I genuinely love her! She is also doing Sociology, and she is always so helpful, kind, and funny. Unfortunately, we don’t have any photos together, probably we always spend such a lovely time that we forget taking photos! (we have to take photos Lauren!!) Mairead, who is the sweetest girl on this planet, is also my friend from the first week of university! I’m so grateful that we always motivate each other and talk about literally everything. Lastly, Ana, my cute friend, I’ve met on the 1st of December, thanks to Mairead! I’m so glad that my friends are all from different countries, which means we can talk about cultural differences, traditions and more!

You probably know that I love studying and drinking coffee! No surprise that I spend most of my time at coffee shops doing uni work. Lauren and I usually meet up for a study date in a cafe at the campus, which is very lovely. I usually get my work done early in the morning and also in the afternoon, and rest in the evening. It works very well for me!Before I came here, I was concerned about academics and after a month, I’ve realised that there is nothing to be scared about! Although I haven’t done IB or A-levels, I’m doing very well, which clearly shows that if you are enthusiastic about what you’re doing, you can do well!

Last but not least, I want to talk about what I’m doing now. I was in London last weekend with my sister and now we’re back in Istanbul. Being at home makes me feel so grateful for my family, home, and friends. Although I’m in a Christmas break, I have to do some work because there is a research report I have to complete and also two exams after the break. The important thing is to balance everything and enjoy every moment of our lives.I wish Y’all a happy new year and Merry Christmas to everyone who celebrates it!! I’ll be back soon with a new years plan blog post.Stay tuned!

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