How to be more Eco-Friendly?

Hello everyone!Unfortunately, I’ve been away from my blog due to my exams at university. I missed creating content so much & I’m so glad to be back on the grind! Today’s blog post will be about how to live a sustainable life by implementing easy changes in our daily lives. I’ve been using reusable/recyclable products for a long time now. Therefore, I wanted to share some tips on how you can start being more eco-friendly.

Avoid Single-Use Plastic

  • First things first, own a water bottle to ditch plastic water bottles. I also invested in a water filter in order to avoid buying bottled water.
  • Secondly, bring your own bags to all stores. This includes bringing your own cloth produce bags to the grocery store and the farmers market
  • You can also bring your reusable cup/thermos to the coffee shop. Don’t forget to say no to straws. I got my own reusable cutlery set which includes straws and chopsticks. I highly recommend it if you carry your own food to work or university.

Lastly, I want to mention beeswax wraps which I find really helpful to ditch extra plastic in my daily routine. I’ve always wanted to get one for myself and luckily, Aura Naturel reached me out and they kindly sent me their beeswax wraps. [gifted] I’ve been using them for a while now and I highly recommend them as it is so easy to cover my food and keep them fresh. The 4 pack beeswax food wrap is lightweight, naturally antibacterial with breathable cotton to keep food fresher for longer. They are eco-friendly and perfect sustainable food storage choice!If you want to get yourself beeswax wraps, you can get a £2 discount with my code SIMABLOG.

p.s: This discount code expires on 16th February 2020. Click here to get your beeswax wraps!

Re-think Transportation

Drive less and grab public transportation instead. Even better, ride your bike!Personally, I prefer walking as it’s so easy for me to go everywhere by walking from where I live. Therefore I never use public transportation except for trains when I travel around the UK. Maybe you can try working from home for a day or two to reduce emissions…. and you can work in your pyjamas hehe! 🙂

Shop Consciously

Not gonna lie, I still try my best to implement this to my life as I find it quite hard to do. I look for companies that are environmentally focused. Moreover, buying quality products that will last for a long time is way beneficial to your wallet and environment. Buying vintage/second-hand clothes would also be a good idea. Lastly, look for items that can be repaired before you buy a new one!For example, I WAS a phone case addicted and after I got my new phone last year, I promised myself to not buy unnecessary phone cases. I’ve always wanted to get myself a Pela case so after a great deal of research, I decided to support Pela case as they make compostable, eco-friendly phone cases. As you might already know, I’m a Pela Ambassador (so proud to be a part of this community) so right now, they have FREE GLOBAL SHIPPING on orders over $25 which is amazing! If you want to get yourself a Pela case, click here

These are my two Pela cases that I absolutely ADORE!

That’s all for today’s post and I hope you find it helpful! If you have any blog post suggestions please comment down below or reach me from my socials.
Stay tuned!

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