Why You Should Stop Complaining…

Hello everyone!

I hope you are all doing alright during this difficult and interesting time. It’s very difficult to stay sane and be mindful, therefore a lot of people are complaining about self-isolation. That’s why I want to talk about this issue as it’s really concerning that people are acting a bit inconsiderate (in my opinion).

First of all, many people I come across on social media are talking about how bored they are during self-isolation. I think this is really mindless as there are so many people (doctors, nurses, grocery store workers, delivery people and more) who are risking their lives to save thousands or millions of people. People who are complaining about this situation are most likely sitting at their home, scrolling through social media, have food in their cupboard… If you are privileged enough to stay home and don’t have anything to worry except hanging out with your friends or going out for food, please stop complaining… We’re lucky to be able to stay home during this difficult time, so please be mindful when you are talking about how you feel during social distancing.

So, what can we do during self-isolation? I’ve written a blog post about things to do, you can read it from here.

It’s time for you to explore new hobbies, tv-series, books, music and even yourself! If there is anything you are not happy about yourself, try to understand it and then heal yourself. Before quarantine, we were really busy going out for drinks, doing schoolwork or even working at part-time jobs. Now, it’s time for us to explore ourselves. Don’t be scared to face your issues, concerns. It’ll get better if you stop ignoring them. If you don’t have anything to worry about, then think about your future plans. I’m not talking about 5-10 years later from now on… For example, I’ve decided what modules I’m going to choose next year at university. Also, I’m on an Easter break now, and I’ve started doing an online course because why not? Explore your interests and learn something new every day.

Photo by Gaelle Marcel on Unsplash

There is so much stuff to do outside social media. Stop tweeting about how bored you are and do something! If you find yourself always bored and unhappy, then it means that you need to make some change. Think about what you can add to your life and how you can develop yourself. If you don’t know where to start, message me and I’ll guide you. I believe in you! The key is being grateful for everything we have. I’m 3000km away from my family and it’s been 3 months since I saw them. I’m practising gratitude to be happy in my daily life. It’s very important to look for solutions rather than just complaining. I wish you all a lovely weekend, stay safe.

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