Summer Mood Board

Hi everyone!

I hope you are doing okay and staying safe 🙂 Cannot believe we’re half way. through the year…After living on my own for 4 months in lockdown, I’m excited to fly back home and spend time with my family and friends. It’s definitely the time for a change of location. I know many people want to go out and socialise but please stay safe and don’t forget to wear a mask. Sunny weather doesn’t mean the pandemic is over!

Today’s blog post will be more photography focused since I’m spending most of my time on Pinterest, creating mood boards. I’m feeling really optimistic about future, so writing blog post on summer-inspired mood board seems like a nice idea!

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I don’t know about you, but looking at these photos makes me feel so inspired and excited about summer. I really need a holiday and relax my mind before university starts in autumn. If you are not feeling your best, I definitely recommend you to create different boards on Pinterest about your interests, it’s therapeutic.

How I’m going to spend my summer holiday: reading books, swimming, doing yoga, going for walks, drinking iced matcha, cocktails and wine, conversations with friends and family, dancing, sunbathing, and taking photographs. I’ll definitely write a blog post on “summer 2020” and add many photographs. Basically I’ll document my memories 🙂


Basically, my summer outfits consist of shorts, jumpsuits, oversized shirts and dresses. I prefer neutral colours and white because I like to keep my style “effortlessly chic”. I love straw bags, hats and gold accessories in summer. I love to incorporate jewellery to my outfits to make them stand out. I prefer sandals and white trainers because why would I wear heels?! We like to keep it simple and chic baby 🙂

Last but not least, I want to point out that every body is bikini body. You don’t have to over-exercise or diet just because you feel pressured to “look good” in your bikini. Personally I have bad body image days but I remind myself the things I’m grateful for. Being able to swim, laugh, talk to your friends and family and walk is so precious but most of us aren’t even aware… Your stretch marks, cellulites do not define anything; you are. glowing!

Find strength through gratitude

Make sure you enjoy your time at the beach and collect the best memories!

Having a healthy mindset and lifestyle is completely different than the diet mindset. So, take care of yourself and do what makes you happy! Here are some inspiration and I hope you will feel motivated and inspired after this.

I really hope you liked this type of blog post! I’d love to hear your feedback. As I said before, I’ll definitely write a similar one after summer holiday as I’ll have my own photos to share on the blog. Other than that, thank you for reading and take care 🙂


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